Custom API Development & Integration

Advanced Multi-platform integration with custom API development

Custom API Development
& Integration

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces refers to software intermediaries that help two or more independent applications to communicate and integrate with one another effectively. It communicates the user’s data entries to the server and retrieves the necessary processed information back to the UI. The API also acts as an extra blanket of security as it prevents direct communication between the applications.

YEO’s team of API experts are well versed in the integration of multiple platforms like .NET, Java, and PHP, to build secure and robust custom APIs designed for your specific requirements. We help clients integrate with profitable online marketplaces like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., to generate high-value leads and ROI.

Services offered

Future-ready API services

YEO offers everything from simple to complex multiple-end API development. We build APIs that are scalable and secure but also fit client requirements. Our services will add value to your business through strategized development and management of high-performance APIs. We help identify new business models and strategies that fundamentally change the way that data is used.

Our Areas Of Expertise

Flawless integration to
facilitate smooth
flow of data.

We offer progressive API development and integration services from Chennai, providing off-shore support and services to firms in the US. Our experts deliver overnight turnaround solutions to combat the problems in connecting different software, networks, and applications.

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Mobile Application
API development

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Open or private API

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Cloud API

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Third party integration
through API

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API Gateway and
proxy development

Why choose YEO for your API development

With our experts in Application Programming Interface who stay on top of the trends, we create industry-specific solutions that unlock your business potential.

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Customer trust

Complete client and data confidentiality.

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Multi-platform experience

Ample exposure to .NET, PHP, Java, etc.

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Cost-effective solutions

Affordable by startups and enterprises.

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In-house expert resources

Access to in-house industry experts

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No third-party alliance

No hiring third party consultants

Client Speak

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