Taking the Shopfront to
the Digital Plane

E-Commerce Services

Is a website enough to crack the online market? Sadly No! If you want to promote something online, make sure you can sell online. YEO helps customers explore the online market with new and improved E-Commerce web design services. You get to penetrate niche markets and sell beyond the boundaries imposed by your Brick and Mortar establishment.

Businesses need to go online to remain relevant in this day of same-day delivery and 15 day returns, and YEO does that with user-friendly and aesthetically appealing E-Commerce websites.


Strategic E-Commerce planning, development, and deployment

YEO believes in giving our clients collaborative control over their E-Commerce site, where two heads are definitely better than one. We intimately associate with you to create the most relevant and user-friendly E-Commerce sites that resonate with the target audience.


Conduct internal review and identify the target audience and preferences.

02 Design

Impactful website design that reflects target audience preferences.

03 Develop

Agile development that ensures perfection in every line of code.

04 Testing

Beta testing to work out possible glitches in a safe testing environment.

05 Deployment

On-time delivery of site with a dedicated team to handle implementation.

Why choose us

YEO’s Web design experts come with 10+ years of field experience. We stay on top of trends, even creating some and leverage that to design E-Commerce websites that conquer the Digital market.

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Creating great first impressions with brand intention and personality.

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Continuous lead generation

Go where the customer is to capture a global audience from all time zones.

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Websites designed with customer preference in mind to boost credibility.

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Responsive and scalable sites that require minimal downtime for upgrades.

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On-time delivery

Deadlines are met stringently to help launch your online presence on time.

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Customer engagement

Websites that engage and interact intuitively with customers to gain loyalty.

Client Speak

YEO has a 100% client retention rate. Here’s what our clients have to say about us.