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Armed with an expert team of developers, we offer various Microsoft services using cutting-edge technology and agile practices. Our stand-alone and enterprise-grade solutions are robust and leverage our IT expertise to improve upon your entire business life cycle.

We drive flexibility and resource management through integration of your digital assets and your various departments and offices across the globe. Through rapid delivery, enhanced security features, and mobility solutions, we help you adapt and evolve with the changing digital environment.


Holistic range of Microsoft Development Services

At YEO, we offer full-cycle Microsoft Development services that are end-user-oriented and scalable for optimized business performance.


C# Development

A programming language conceptualized and owned by Microsoft, C# has helped developers create new applications for both embedded and hosted environments. The applications developed with C# have optimized Processing and memory power for maximum functionality.

C# is ISO certified and more reliable than its predecessors and is held on par with Java. It also works great from an economic standpoint as the versatile coding has reduced the time spent in development and testing.

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Making a difference with C#

Our customers are entitled to the best C# features and our experienced Microsoft developers for accelerated technology growth.

Flexible technology

Allows for agile testing and development for quality deliverables.

Crash Free Apps

The versatile coding has a reduced risk of bugs and issues in real-time operations.


C# is interoperable with any .Net language and can call on any native API.

Simplified coding

Supports all three OOP features – encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.

Enhanced Security

Allows for application specific and role-based security features, and encryption configuration.

Design Patterns

Blocks of codes for set patterns that can be reused from a repository to reduce development time.


ASP.NET Development

YEO Hr brings you a host of custom web applications built using ASP.NET that can beat any information technology and systems challenge. We engage in full-cycle application development that covers everything from requirement gathering to live deployment.

The ASP.NET is an open-source web framework created by Microsoft that comes with various tools, programming languages, and libraries that can be used to build custom applications for a variety of purposes and industries.

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Making a difference with ASP.NET

Experience flawless integration, implementation, development, and testing from expert ASP.NET developers.

Enterprise Level Solutions

Can build enterprise-grade applications that are sustainable and scalable.

MVC capabilities

Application performance monitored through MVC capabilities of ASP.NET.

Responsive Web Apps

Allows development of responsive Web Apps that can service any device.

Seamless transitions

Allows seamless transition and integration with other Microsoft and third party software.

E-Comm Friendly

Best suited for Content Management, CRM, and E-Commerce application development.


WCF Development

WCF or the Windows Communication Foundation was developed as an essential software communication facilitator by Windows and Microsoft. WCF is used to create service-oriented applications with distributed computing, interoperability, and direct support.

A significant communication gap has been bridged through the use of WCF as it helps integrate applications with a layered architecture. It also aids in the secure transmission of data from one service endpoint to another.

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Making a difference with WCF Development

Our WCF developers are hired with experience in multiple industries and verticals, creating service-oriented applications that comply with international communication standards.

Real-Time communication

Transparent real-time communication between apps and between apps and users.

Business-oriented approach

Outcome-based approach to application communication models tailored to each business.

Enterprise Level Solutions

Can build enterprise-grade applications that are sustainable and scalable.

Secure communications

WCF creates a reliable and secure channel for all communications and transactions on the network.

Continuous Queuing

Message queuing option for continuous queuing that facilitates automated data transactions.

SOAP Protocol

WCF’s interoperability with different web services also supports SOAP protocol for better app control.


WPF Development

WPF, the Windows Presentation Foundation, was earlier known as Avalon. It is a UI framework that is used to create Web Applications. It has been a boon for the modern graphics hardware since WPF is independent of resolution and instead uses a vector-based rendering engine.

WPF aids in multi-function application development and is a consistent model. It clearly distinguishes between the User interface and business logic. It is also part of .NET and can be used in applications that use other elements of the .NET API. It allows for the development of a holistic set of UI features like XAML, Controls, Layout, Graphics and Animation, Templates, Media, Text, and typography.

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Making a difference with WPF Development

At YEO, we help you create unique UI/UX with custom applications built using WPF, with expert advice from industry-specific designers.

Resolution independent apps

WPF can run even on low-res screens simplifying the resolution development of the applications.

Synchronized UI elements

WPF facilitates quick rendering of any UI changes by synchronizing the UI elements to the data source.

Immersive Graphics

WPF has a 3D element that displays the images in 3D for an immersive and interactive UX.

Declarative Programming

WPF allows users to run their preferences, significantly reducing application processing time.


MVC Development

MVC, or the Model View Controller, is a robust, pattern-based framework that helps separate the UI components. The lightweight framework creates the environment for agile development and is used to build dynamic and interactive websites and Web Applications.

MVC separates the Model, View, and Control of any application. The model stores the data, which is then called for by the controller, and the outcome gets displayed by the view. It is used to manipulate specific development aspects of .NET and Web applications.

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Making a difference with MVC

YEO assures the best outcomes with MVC with end-user oriented UI design and deployment in all web and .NET applications.

Rapid Application Development

Parallel development of UI and Logic for efficiency and speeding up development delivery.

Asynchronous Technique

Integration with JavaScript framework with asynchronous technique to support diverse data sources.

Multiple Views

Can independently create multiple views for a model while retaining the logic and the data.

Less Disruptive development

Changes to each aspect can be isolated without having an impact on the other two elements.

Retains Data integrity

The MVC model returns the data without formatting it, calling and processing it without an interface.

SEO Friendly

MVCs are lightweight and support SEO-friendly application development for marketable products.


SSRS Development

SSRS, the SQL Server Reporting Services development, is a versatile, user-friendly Database Management System. It shines a light on the essential insights and intelligence in the world of SQL servers. All it needs is a browser, and it can be exported into different formats for each relevant reporting template.

The SSRS provides a set of on-prem tools that are used to create, test, and deploy custom reports in responsive layouts. The data can be exported into formats like Excel, Powerpoint, etc., which is live and editable. SSRS also allows for integration with Power BI to allow complete control on the Power BI dashboards.

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Making a difference with SSRS

YEO helps you create customized reports that resonate with the end-users, with faster data processing and interactive UI.

Economic Web Development

Faster web and app development for reduced turnaround time and associated costs.

Efficient Reporting

The reports have access to data from both MS SQL Server and Oracle Databases.

.NET integration

Integration with Visual Studio .NET for development of application and reports in same environment.

Role-based Security

Role-based security features that can be applied to both folders and reports.

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting and data processing for faster and better decision-making.

Versatile reporting formats

Data display in a variety of tabular, chart, and free-form formats for better relevance.

Embedded media and graphics

Allows embedded graphics and media in the reports with Sharepoint integration.


Microsoft Web API

Microsoft Web API is the future when it comes to lightweight Web and Application Development. It is a distinct Framework that facilitated the creation of HTTPS services that cater to a diverse clientele on both browsers and mobile devices. It is great for creating Restful applications.

It is a significant improvement on the use of WCF and other .NET elements as it exclusively focuses on building lightweight applications with shorter deployment schedules.

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Making a difference with Microsoft Web API

YEO helps you speed up your business and product deliverables with Microsoft Web API with lightweight applications.

Complete Routing support

Can be hosted on both IIS as well as self-host

Supports Model binding and validation

Support for ODATA

Allows stateless transfer of data

Supports URL patterns and HTTPS methods

Full-fledged support system

Secure configuration and data transfer

User-oriented design


SharePoint Development

SharePoint was developed for the collaboration and exchange of documents and data for organizations with multi-location presence and remote teams. It facilitates enterprise-level collaboration for efficient business communication and growth.

It is so versatile that it caters to all sizes of organizations and is completely scalable. Employees from across the Globe can share resources like digital tools, documents, and even workflows. It is also capable of seamlessly integrating with other Microsoft applications like MS Office, Active Directory, and Exchange server.

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Making a difference with SharePoint Development

YEO helps you bring all your personnel together in a seamlessly coordinated workflow and hierarchy with expert SharePoint development.

Consistent User-experience

All stakeholders are exposed to a consistent UI that is user-friendly.

Satisfies Regulatory requirements

Data compliance control in data quality, security, and processing.

Simplified Data Access

Simplified data access for users to view the data in preferred formats

Efficient resource sharing

Speeds up and simplifies data and resource sharing between remote teams

Integrated platform

Open architecture that allows integration with SOAP, XAML, and other APIs.

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