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Website Design

A strong online presence has become a necessity for every brand and business, as the digital era has completely disrupted consumer intentions and buying behavior. Websites have become the face of the organization and have become the starting point of any online strategy that one can implement. Website design has become a powerful tool that helps capture the attention of the customers and promote engagement and interaction, which would ultimately lead to conversions. YEO offers holistic website design services that portray your brand personality and retain customer loyalty.

Areas of Focus

Crafting websites that speak for the brand

YEO blends aesthetics and functionality in website design with the help of UI/UX designers and developers. The right proportion of elements goes into creating the perfect websites that are flexible and end-user-friendly.


Crystal clear website navigation that is accessible for all kinds of users.

02 Content

Content that boosts company credibility and adds value to the consumers.

03 Brand Image

Out-of-the-box branding ideas that give customers a fresh perspective of the brand.

04 CTAs

Drive conversions through carefully designed and compelling Call-to-actions.

05 Usability

Simple or complex websites? Whatever it be, we focus on practical features and usability.

Why choose us

YEO’s Web design experts come with 10+ years of field experience. We stay on top of trends, even creating some and leverage that to design websites that conquer the Digital market.

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Creating great first impressions with brand intention and personality.

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Continuous lead generation

Go where the customer is to capture a global audience from all time zones.

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Websites designed with customer preference in mind to boost credibility.

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Responsive and scalable sites that require minimal downtime for upgrades.

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On-time delivery

Deadlines are met stringently to help launch your online presence on time.

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Customer engagement

Websites that engage and interact intuitively with customers to gain loyalty.

Client Speak

YEO has a 100% client retention rate. Here’s what our clients have to say about us.